Sport of Kings

Full band at Cameo

How to Make a 'Sport of Kings'

For this cocktail you will need the following:

-One part indie yacht rock, courtesy of songwriter and singer/guitarist Richard Kelly (imported from Dublin, Ireland).
-Locally produced bass lines (preferably organic), by Ben Haberland.
-A sprig of Fender Rhodes Piano, grown in pure Colorado air, by Matt Beckemeyer.
-A dollop of Moog Rogue and Southern-fried glockenspiel, by South Carolina’s Chris Hembree.
-Hong Kong’s tastiest percussion, so strong it’s banned in several American states, but smuggled into Brooklyn by Ian Chang.
-Square lumps of frozen water, sculpted into the shape of ice cubes. And finally,
-Three parts horns in the form of trombone, by Mac Walton, Tenor Sax by Jas Walton (hereafter know as ‘the Waltons’) and Trumpet by Billy Aukstik.

Serve in a highball glass with a cocktail umbrella.