Sport of Kings

Testing, testing…....

Test Pressing

Yet another test pressing for our upcoming vinyl 7” release. These people are thorough, which is good. A few skips on my record player made me nervous, but it turned out my tone arm was loose. Having confirmed they were good to go on a friend’s turntable, I instructed the company to proceed with the pressing. Onwards, to victory!

Sport of Kings play Jellynyc’s ‘Saturday’s @ Rock Yard’ on August 28th

jellynyc's rock yard schedule

This is the flyer for an amazing lineup of shows presented by Jellynyc. Most New Yorkers and especially Brooklynites will know about the famed Jelly Pool Parties that begun at McCarren Park (RIP) and migrated to the East River State Park when it was decided the the pool should again be filled with water for the purposes of splashing around and shit.

Jelly decided to present a more low key Saturday alternative to Sunday’s enormo Pool Parties. We’re delighted to be playing on Saturday, August the 28th, along with some pretty great up-and-coming bands, including ZaZa and Motel Motel. I’ts gonna be great and you should come.

Free entry, super cheap beer and eats and the return of the slip and slide. Put this in your calenders.

Test Pressing

single test pressing

Here’s the test acetate for our forthcoming single, exciting! Except my turntable needs a new belt, so it’s speeding up and slowing down every few seconds.

Annnnd We’re Done!

Salt Matering Cutting Lathe

So, after months of recording and mixing and plenty of gaps in between, Sport of Kings has finally finished with our tracks. the above image is the vinyl cutting lathe at Salt Mastering in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Paul Gold did a great job masting the four tracks and we’re extremely pleased with what we ended up with.

The whole recording shebang will probably result in a vinyl 7” (with download codes) and a CD EP. We’ve also decided on a ....novel way of promoting the records and I’ll be talking more about that soon. I’ll also be putting some of the freshly mastered tracks up on the media page in a week or so, stay tuned for that.

It sounds crazy smooth!


Ian Change playy Vibraphone

Tracking for the forthcoming Sport of Kings releases concluded some time ago, but since we’re returning to the studio to do a little tweaking, we decided to add a few things, primarily some vibraphone, played by Ian Chang, our new drummer. Ian didn’t drum on the original recordings, so it’s nice to have him on there.

He is also a really good vibraphone player, as it happens! Our song Free Jazz was already shaping up to be one of the smoothest, yacht rockiest numbers our there, but the vibes will push that shit over the edge!

Ian and Jas Walton, our sax player, play together in a band called Father figures. They’re about to release their record and tour all over the west coast. Check out their myspace and go see them if they’re playing your town…

Sport of Kings Cover Version Contenders (pt2)

Last week I posted the first contender in our live cover version debate. What would be amazing to play live? Well, Ben suggested ‘Steppin’ Out’ by Joe Jackson, last week’s offering. And this is mine:

The band asked if this was an ‘ironic’ choice, but it isn’t at all. I think people would flip if we played this! And it’d sound awesome with horns.

Sport of Kings Cover Version Contenders (pt 1 )

Recent discussion is ‘Sport of Kings’ land has revolved around a good cover to play live. What about ‘Steepin’ Out’ by Joe Jackson?

Amazing song, but do we have the money to buy a dozen synths?

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