Sport of Kings

I have been bad + new record

Oh dear. I have been a bad, bad blogger. I haven’t blogged since our UK and Irish shows, which were great. We played with some amazing bands and had fun exploring the cities, although I (Richard SoK) am from Dublin, so I’ve been to both places before. But it’s always nice to be back and the other SoK were visiting for the first time, so that was cool.

In other important news, we had a relatively quite Xmas season, but now we’re about to launch back into full gear for 2012. We’re beavering away at the SoK rehearsal space and we just finished enough songs to record our first full length record. Our hope is to do that in February and be ready for a release date some time in the first half of this year. But who knows! These things have a way of getting delayed. Hopefully not in this case…